Ageing-in-place: what it means and why it’s important

If you’ve ever wondered what the term ‘ageing-in-place’ means, this article is for you. Here we define ageing-in-place and explore how it can lead to a happier, more fulfilled retirement.

What is ageing-in-place?

Ageing-in-place means living in the home or residence of your choice as you age, for as long as you’re able. It means accessing the support you need (such as healthcare) from the comfort of your own home, rather than moving to a dedicated aged care home.  

Some residences are more suited to ageing-in-place than others. For example, an isolated home in the countryside would present significant challenges to receiving care in your home. A home in a purpose built retirement community would be ideal.


The benefits of ageing-in-place

Many studies have found that ageing-in-place is good for your overall sense of happiness in retirement.

Here are just some of the many benefits of ageing-in-place:

  • Maintaining (or even improving) your quality of life while living in your own home
  • Decreased exposure to illnesses (when compared to living in a aged care facility)
  • A sense of freedom, self-sufficiency, and independence
  • Feeling part of a community and getting to know your neighbours
  • Flexibility to invest in support services as required (e.g., healthcare, cleaning)
  • Having your pets stay with you as you age


Planning for ageing-in-place

What is your ideal home for retirement? Would you like to stay in your family home, downsize to a smaller home or move into a retirement village? Ageing-in-place is possible in any property, but it can be expensive and potentially dangerous in old and/or large properties.

If you don’t plan on moving into a home designed for seniors, be sure to consider the cost of renovations such as replacing steps with ramps, installing grab bars in the bathrooms, and removing bathtubs. It’s also important to make sure renovations are completed to the highest standard, as a ‘quick fix’ could put you in a dangerous situation.


Ageing-in-place in a retirement village

Often, the most affordable (and enjoyable!) way to age-in-place is living in a retirement village. Retirement villages are specifically designed for this stage of life – and they have the bonus of being social, supportive places to live with a strong sense of community.

In a retirement village, you can live independently while receiving any medical or practical help you may need within the privacy of your own home.

Many retirement villages offer:

  • On-site community support workers and registered nurses who can help with everything from taking blood pressure and supervision of medication to wound dressing, injections, and continence management.
  • A choice of personal or domestic support services such as cleaning, laundry, showering, and dressing.
  • Well-designed homes with smartphone and emergency buttons, ensuring you’re only ever minutes from help if you need it.
  • 24/7 security and safety services, including an onsite village manager.


Ageing-in-place at Eleebana Shores

Eleebana Shores is a luxury retirement village close to Lake Macquarie in NSW. Our residences are beautiful contemporary homes that have been specifically designed with ageing-in-place in mind.

We’ve made creative-yet-stylish additions to each home, such as:

  • Making entrances easier to move through for people with walking aids or wheelchairs
  • Bathrooms designed to prevent falls, including walk-in showers
  • Kitchens with reduced counter heights and easily accessible shelving
  • Open-plan living for comfort and ease-of-access
  • Large bedrooms with walk-in-robes and an ensuite
  • Thoughtful placement of light switches and power outlets
  • Ergonomic door handle design


We even have a unique ageing-in-place program that reflects our commitment to your ongoing independence. You can read more about our ageing-in-place program and philosophy here.


If you feel that staying in your own home as you age is for you, and you’d like to know a bit more about Eleebana Shores’ vast array of ageing-in-place support services and onsite facilities, give our Village Manager a call on 1800 732 654.